Care for precious life

As leaders in juvenile care, our role is to empower parents on their journey, through confidence. We help people bring safety and care to the most precious thing there is life. We take the privilege of bringing care into the lives of others very seriously. We take pride in offering solutions that make the everyday, easier. This is why we are constantly innovating new ways to give parents more. 

Our values

As humans, we have a fundamental need to care for new life. As a company with a global reach, we know that local knowledge, with world-wide expertise and talent is what continues to make us leaders.
Our passion for the best ensures we listen, adapt and improve our work, to remain the leading voices in juvenile care. For us, safety is paramount to everything we do.
We pride ourselves on being consumer-centric, and enjoy the privilege of being important to the early stages of a child’s life. Together, we empower parents to be confident in their journey.
Finding solutions isn’t about selling a product. It is about our commitment to improving lives around the world by genuinely caring for others.
Innovation at Dorel Juvenile

Innovation is key at Dorel Juvenile. Industry-leading with thoughtful, award-winning products, our standards rely on the feedback we receive by those that matter most – parents. We innovate to anticipate the needs of families around the world, and it is how we have invented some of the world’s most used products today. 

We understand parenthood

We are accomplished in discovering what parents need in this vastly changing world. Predicting trends, understanding families and road testing products is how we produce award-winning designs.

Global R&D

Our product development centers are based in some of the most far reaching parts of the world, bringing local knowledge and global innovations together to meet the needs of people everywhere.

Consumer-centric design

By listening, interacting and understanding parents needs and wants, our designs are heavily influenced by what we see missing in the lives of our consumer. We design, create and innovate to make life safer, more enjoyable, and of course, more convenient.

Maxi-Cosi Coral

As the first modular, infant car seat, this design changed the way we transported children forever. Ultra-light to wear, with various ergonomic carry options, and featuring an extra-large sunshade it is a hero design of ours that we will forever be proud of.

Safety at Dorel Juvenile

Invited into the homes and lives of many with a key role in nurturing new life our products must go beyond excellence in safety standards. Knowing we contribute to a safer society is yet another reason why we love what we do.

Safety Testing

We create the products that consumers award the highest possible safety and test ratings.
The Dorel Juvenile USA Technical Center for Child Safety is located in Columbus, Indiana. Here we provide product support, develop best-in-class Child Restraint System technology, and rigorously test our car seats.

We are Dorel Juvenile

We see, feel and experience the challenges parents and co-parents face every day – because we are just like you. We live the realities of everyday life from a family breakfast, to being stuck in traffic and shopping mall tantrums from a toddler – as a team we are always working on new solutions to make life easier for every parent’s journey.

Product development centers
manufacturing facilities
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Our locations
From our headquarters in Canada to our many manufacturing facilities and offices around the world, Dorel Juvenile and our strong portfolio of juvenile care brands can be found near you.
Located across several countries and cities, we are able to think global but act locally, furthering our understanding of parenting journeys around the world.