Introducing Our New Safety 1st Brand Identity

Safety First Rebranding

We’re excited to unveil the new face of Safety 1st!


Safety 1st was created in the USA in 1984. The original “Baby on board” road sign the brand was selling then is still a best seller now.

Baby On Board Safety FirstEstablished in 1984 by the founder Michael Lerner, Safety 1st expanded into a comprehensive range of childproofing products and baby gear. Michael continuously focused on innovation and quality, leading to a diverse product line covering home safety, equipment, hygiene, and transportation.

In 2000, the company joined the Dorel Juvenile Group and continued its expansion throughout Europe. It now sells its ever-richer collection of safe and smart products for children across the world both off and online. It’s a range that covers home safety, home equipment, hygiene and care, strollers and car seats.

The New Safety 1st Brand Identity

Now, we're taking our commitment to families a step further with a refreshed brand identity that embodies our dedication to celebrating every milestone, enabling joy, infusing humanity, and simplifying the journey for families everywhere.

Our refreshed brand identity goes beyond aesthetics, reflecting our dedication to being there for every first and every moment after. With a guiding, encouraging, and empowering tone, we provide parents with the guidance, tools, and products they need to confidently embrace life's adventures with ease.

Purpose of our brand

From a baby’s first steps to their first trip to grandma’s, Safety 1st is there for every milestone in a child’s life. The Safety 1st Brand Anthology is designed to ensure that as the brand continues to grow and evolve, the core foundation stays consistent:

“We’re there for every First and every moment after.

When you grew your family, you grew ours, too.”

Brand Pillars: The Foundation of Safety 1st

The Brand pillars are the foundation upon which Safety 1st builds every product, every interaction, and every moment shared with families around the world. From celebrating a world of firsts to enabling joy, infusing humanity, and simplifying the journey, these four brand pillars guide Safety 1st on the mission to create safe, inclusive, and empowering spaces where families can thrive.

New Logo and Visual Identity

The new logo, in contrast to its predecessor, embodies a refined aesthetic. By softening the forms and infusing warm colors, the visual language radiates real moments, candid connections, and energetic expressions at every milestone.

Safety First Old Logo New Logo

Color: Warm our Hearts

The vibrancy, energy, and excitement that come with raising children are captured through the bold and inviting Safety 1st color palette. The primary teal and yellow are complimented with softer secondary colors to infuse love, joy, and warmth into the brand.

Safety First Color Pallets

Texture: Milestone Moments

As a brand grounded in celebrating the milestones of a child’s life, Safety 1st symbolizes these steps through a layered and textured aesthetic. Angular color blocking, pattern overlays, and photography integration communicate this journey through life.

Safety 1st Texture Patterns

Tone: Enable Joy

Safety 1st enables joy by letting parents and caregivers be in the moment of their child’s life. The new brand identity emphasizes real moments, candid connections, and energetic expressions at every milestone.

Safety First Tone Enable joy

Safety First TypographyTypography 

The primary typeface, Museo, is friendly and approachable yet modern and powerful, reflecting the flexibility and adaptability required of parents and caregivers.



IconographySafety First Iconography

In the new Safety 1st brand, the former, diamond-shaped logo has been transformed into a symbol of love and encouragement. The result is the First Love icon, symbolizing love and safety that are core to the brand, and the journey and milestones of a family.

As we unveil our new brand identity, we are excited to announce that the rebrand will be phased in gradually across our product designs and marketing materials. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our rebranded products and enhanced experience near you. 


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