Celebrating 15 Years of Dorel Juvenile Brazil with Award-Winning Successes at Pueri Expo 2024

Pueri Expo Brazil_15 years Endless Care_Pueri Trends Awards

Dorel Juvenile stood out at Pueri Expo 2024 in Brazil, unveiling over 60 exciting new product releases, clinching three wins at the Pueri Trends Awards, and commemorating 15 years of success with Brazilian families, in Latin America’s largest childcare trade fair.

Pueri Expo 2024

Pueri Trends Awards_logoPueri Expo, “the place where dreams and reality meet”, is the premier childcare trade fair in Brazil. It is held in São Paulo and is organized by the world´s top trade fair organizer in the juvenile products segment - Koelnmesse. As the largest gathering of its kind in Latin America, this event brings together over 8,000 visitors and 300 and 300 exhibitors’ brands, including global leaders in the juvenile industry, as well as local contenders. Beyond a showcase of products, Pueri Expo also fosters an enriching learning atmosphere with talks and workshops given by industry experts for visitors and retailers, in a landscape that fosters innovation and networking.

Spotlight at Latin America’s largest childcare trade fair

At Pueri Expo’s 7th edition, Dorel Juvenile Brazil made a resounding impact with compelling product displays, exciting new product launches, and prestigious prizes awarded, showcasing our continuous commitment to quality and innovation. This year's Pueri Expo held special significance as Dorel Juvenile celebrated 15 years of operations in Brazil, hand in hand with Brazilian parents. The fair became a platform for celebration of this journey of success and the milestones achieved.

Pueri Expo 2024 Brazil_Dorel Juvenile brands   Pueri Trends Awards_Dorel Juvenile Winners

Our brands: a legacy of care

Dorel Juvenile has been an integral part of Brazil's childcare landscape for over a decade and a half, with our beloved global and regional brands present in Brazil: Maxi-Cosi, Safety 1st, Infanti, Cosco Kids, Voyage, and Tiny Love.

At Pueri Expo 2024 in Brazil, the brands showcased their continuous commitment to quality and innovation, unveiling more than 60 new releases from our portfolio of 6 brands, from car seats and strollers to baby monitors and toys.

Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile_Maxi Cosi stand Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile_Safety 1st stand Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile_Cosco Kids stand

Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile_Voyage stand Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile_Tiny Love stand Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile_Infanti stand

Pueri Trends Awards

Pueri Trends Awards_logoPueri Trends is a prize that aims to highlight the most innovative products presented at the event in 8 categories. The products were evaluated by a panel of judges, made up of market experts.




Excellence Recognized

Dorel Juvenile was acclaimed as the winner in the Pueri Trends Awards in three different categories, underlining our brand's innovative edge and commitment to safety and quality.

The recognition conveyed by these accolades further emphasize Dorel Juvenile's reputation as an industry leader in the juvenile sector in Brazil, providing the best solutions for parents seeking quality and innovation, with care and with passion.

Pueri Trends Awards_Dorel Juvenile Winners

Our winners

Car Seat Award 

Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Car Seat triumphed in the Car Seat category, earned for its innovative design, being the only car seat of its kind that slides out of the car for the easiest child installation, levering our patented SlideTech™ technology.

Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Car Seat

Technology Award  

Maxi Cosi See Pro360 Baby Monitor claimed victory in the Technology category, being the first Baby Monitor that leverages AI to translate a baby's cries, with CryAssist™ groundbreaking technology, helping parents understand their babies from the first day.

Maxi Cosi See Pro360 Baby Monitor

Security Award   

Infanti Mia 360 Car Seat secured the top spot in the Security category, enabling rear-facing usage for an extended time up to 18 kg, and with SafeSide® lateral impact protection, while its 360° rotation facilitates effortless child placement and removal in the rear-facing position. 

Infanti Mia 360 Car Seat

"Car seats are the category that has been showing the most innovation and use of technology by manufacturers on the international scene recently. Whether it's innovations aimed at providing better usability and comfort for parents and their children, or exploring the use of technology for more effective monitoring of installation and correct use. The arrival of a baby, as well as being extremely challenging, brings physical and emotional strain for the family, so anything that can help simplify everyday life will be very well received by families." – Renata Almeida Vieira, Director of Demand Planning, Product Development & Sourcing of Dorel Juvenile International.

The Heart of Care and Excellence

Dorel Juvenile Brazil embodies the organization ethos of care and excellence — the heartbeat of our success. At Pueri Expo, their dedication propelled us to new heights, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and care for Brazilian families.

Pueri Expo 2024_Dorel Juvenile Brazil_Marketing and Retail Teams

Dorel Juvenile Brazil Marketing and Retail Teams at Pueri Expo 2024


Celebrating 15 Years of Dorel Juvenile Brazil

"15 Years - Endless Care": a testament to our mission

This year's Dorel Juvenile Brazil is celebrating 15 years of operations in Brazil, hand in hand with Brazilian parents. With 15 Years of Endless Care, Dorel Juvenile underscores the enduring mission to support families, caring for the most precious lives into the future.

15 years Dorel Juvenile Brazil_Endless Care

"Time flies. Fifteen years later, looking back, I feel proud of the challenges overcome and the many achievements. Looking ahead, I see the Team with the same energy as on day one." - Canuto Silverio Souza, President of Dorel Juvenile Brazil

Nurturing the Future

From a legacy of care spanning 15 years and beyond, Dorel Juvenile Brazil will continue shaping the future of childcare, steadfast in our mission to provide innovative, reliable, and safe solutions for families across Brazil. As the juvenile landscape evolves, Dorel Juvenile leads ahead and stands committed to nurturing the next generation with dedication, quality, and endless care.


Discover the full range of Dorel Juvenile products in Brazil at Maxi Cosi, Safety 1st, Cosco Kids, Tiny Love and Infanti websites.