Infanti introduces Car Seat Checking Points in Chile

Infanti Car Seat Checking Points in Chile

In an ongoing commitment to prioritize safety and nurture consumer relationships, Infanti in Chile has introduced a new initiative: Car Seat Checking Points. These points, strategically located in flagship Infanti stores' parking lots and malls, offer a valuable service to parents and caregivers by providing expert training and tips on car seat installation and usage.

The importance of Car Seat Inspection Points

Infanti Car Seat Checking Point in Chile_Santiago storeA Car Seat Checking Point is a designated area, usually located in the store parking lot and at some malls, where customers can have their child's car seat inspected for proper installation and safety. Trained staff are available at these points to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure that car seats are installed correctly according to manufacturer guidelines and safety standards.

These checking points are a valuable advisory service, crucial for promoting child safety and providing peace of mind to parents and caregivers.

Commitment to our mission

Infanti Car Seat Checking Points in Chile_promo baby girlInfanti stores in Chile provide these Car Seat Checking Points advisory as free of charge complimentary service, offering specialized assistance in Car Seat installation check-up.

This aligns with Infanti’s core mission to accompany and support parents throughout the journey of parenthood, emphasizing on fostering relationships with parents, as a trusted partner for families throughout their child’s development. It also reflects Dorel Juvenile’s overarching mission to Care for Precious Life, holding our genuine commitment to safety at the core of what we do.

This initiative extends beyond sales-focused interactions, providing a valuable service to all parents and supporting families in their journey. It underscores our core value of staying connected with parents and reflects our ongoing commitment to promoting child safety and well-being.

Specialized Assistance and Quality Service

Infanti Car Seat Checking Points in Chile_Revisa tu SillaOur trained personnel offer general, comprehensive assistance in the installation of our car seats, catering to the needs of parents overall, providing specialized guidance tailored to our own-brand car seats as well as represented brands. As the focus of our expertise, we ensure that parents receive specialized support to optimize the use of these car seats for the safety of their children.

By providing this advisory service, we strive to guarantee that parents have the utmost confidence in the safety and reliability of our car seats for their precious little ones.

Promoting Road Safety 


Conaset Logo Chile            Road Safety Pact logo_Pacto por la Seguridad Vial

This initiative is within our close collaboration with CONASET in Chile, the National Commission of Traffic Safety under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of the Government of Chile, to develop and implement road safety initiatives. This collaboration forms the framework for our efforts in promoting road safety.

Additionally, we are the sole retail entity that is part of the Road Safety Pact (Pacto por la Seguridad Vial), which is a crucial component of Chile's National Traffic Safety Strategy, committed to strengthening road safety in Chile.

This aligns with the United Nations goal for a 50% reduction in road traffic deaths and injuries, as part of the decade of action for road safety in 2021-2030.

We these partnerships we join forces with public stakeholders to contribute to the global goal of making roads safer for all.

Checking Points and Permanent Assistance

Car Seat Checking Point - Infanti Store SantiagoCurrently, there is a permanent Car Seat Checking Point at Manquehue Infanti store in Santiago, open from Friday to Sunday, located within the designated area of the store's parking lot with direct road access, which offers convenient assistance to visitors.

During peak periods such as vacations or back-to-school seasons, additional points are set up across both the north and south regions.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of major exclusive discounts on selected products during their visit at the checking points.

Infanti Permanent Assistance_60 Stores in ChileStay informed about our Car Seat Checking Points in Chile by keeping an eye out on updates on our social media platforms and in-store announcements.

Our expert team is always readily available at over 60 Infanti stores across Chile to provide assistance and guidance regarding our car seats and products.