Maxi-Cosi launches stress busting 360 family rotating car-seat system

Maxi-Cosi has come to the rescue of busy parents with the launch of the innovative 360 Family. The 360 Family of rotating car seats are designed to help parents who are juggling family life get their kids quickly and easily into (and out of) their car seats.

Imagine an easy to use, long-term car seat solution that is made to evolve with your family, and provides longevity and adaptability as your children grow.

The 360 Family is designed with a parents-centric mindset, long-term value and around children’s evolving needs. It consists of a FamilyFix 360 secure base, which can be easily affixed with the Pebble 360 and the Pearl 360 car seats.


The highly innovative system is designed to offer long-term value to parents as it evolves with parents’ needs and comes with features that give parents a hand when it is needed most.

The next generation rotating car seat system

Product Marketing Director, Rens Joosten says, “We know that being able to rotate the car seat with only one hand is an incredibly useful feature as children as children grow heavier and become more independent-minded. As a brand which prides itself on understanding the needs of families, it’s important to use our design expertise to introduce features that make life convenient and as stress-free as possible in these times.”


Reducing parenting stress

Maxi-Cosi is working with Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Coach Honey Langcaster-James to provide tips on reducing parenting stress before going into the car.

She shares, “Whenever you’re leaving the safe bubble of home  and venturing out in the car, there is potential for it to lead to stress. There’s lots to think about: what you need to take, where you need to be, how long it’s going to take to get there. Children can sense and pick up on this, and sometimes they’ll respond  to the increased tension by acting out or being un-cooperative just at the very time when you  need things to go smoothly. This is their way of protesting and letting you know that they’re feeling the stress too.”


About the Maxi-Cosi Family 360

The Family 360 is a next generation rotating car seat a rotating FamilyFix 360  base and compatible Pebble 360 (for 0 to 15 months) and Pearl 360 (for 0 to 4 years old) car seats.





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